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Results were conclusive and showed women were more likely to enjoy bedroom activity with funny men.In particular, women rated men most highly when they were “humorous, creative, warm, faithful, and better smelling”.The site also hosts regular events which are a fun, relaxed way to meet people. It takes the travel out of dating especially with its tube station search parameter.Try now: Lovestruck from £16 per month How does it work? In fact, it’s fairly similar to our old friends Match, mentioned above.Women prefer to date a man with a good sense of humour, and the lengths they will go to to ensure they get their dream man have been revealed.Women will use gossip to attract a male partner, badmouthing potential rivals to make sure they win their prize.

Research published in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science provides the first verifiable evidence for a positive link between intrasexual competitiveness, the amount of gossip that people take part in, and whether they are OK with such talk or not.

Research published in the journal ‘Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology’ has discovered what a man needs to satisfy his partner in the bedroom.

And physical attributes don’t really come into it, as it was found personality was a big indicator of performance.

Researchers questioned 103 women about their sexual satisfaction and their partners characteristics.

The research sought to discover “whether this variation of orgasm frequency reflects mates’ personal characteristics”.

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