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If you call this hotline, you can also ask for references to local social workers or psychologists who you can talk to. Hi I am 6 weeks of Diazepam today and am still in bad withdrawals, first month was physical symptons now I have bad physicological symptons with chronic headaches, nausea, and what I can only describe as wobbly brain and dizziness along with very odd and bizzare sensations in my head and body, I only took Diazepam for 5 months and this included 14 weeks tapering off, I cant believe this has happened as along with my doc I followed the Aston taper protocol, how long more could this last?

the taper was long and sometimes hell but these last 6 weeks have been pure hell and filled with intense anxiety, aggitation and stress, I was put on Diazepam for chronic headaches so having to deal with all these new and bizzare anxiety symptons is more than hard to deal with, how long more could this last as im off work 6 weeks and they keep asking when will I be back but I cant say for now based on how I feel. Thank you Sam Hi I was given diazepam in the beginning of October for a.

These are a set of persistent symptoms that last for several weeks to months after you have stopped taking Valium.

What makes this process more difficult is that Valium withdrawal symptoms can mimic the original disorder(s) Valium was used to treat.

Insomnia and anxiety may still be a problem you will have to deal with.

However, these symptoms should begin to decline about 6-8 weeks after quitting Valium.24 – 72 hours Valium withdrawal: Withdrawal from Valium mimics that of alcohol.Here, we explore the withdrawal process from diazepam and what you can expect over the course of the weeks after you stop taking Valium.We also invite you to ask any questions you may have about Valium at the end.Your body will experience tremors, sweating, and agitation.Intense resurgence of anxiety or symptoms which where once taken care of by using Valium can also be present.

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