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She than pull me towrds her and I stroke with her body she took the towel off from my body and toss it on air now I was nude behind her She than sat little and grabs my legs and than took me off from ground and took my legs on her waist. She look in my eyes but I can;t matching my eyes with her I took my head on her shoulders and I found my penis erected hardly touching with silky cloth on her stomach. Sir Two weeks ago i was lifted by a woman in massage parlour in front lift and then in bearhug fashion, though i was not nude i was just wearing a frenchie, i cummed after she gave me the tight bearhug lift Sumit I frequently used to visit a massage parlour in which a man can take massage from a woman but the charge is a bit high than normal, The woman who usually gave me massage is a married lady of my ht but she looks heavier than me as she has a solid toned body, though i was lifted several times by my house maid but i always fantasise her to lift me, Last time i visited her, at the end of the massage i asked her can she lift me, she said yes and asked me to stand, to my surprise she easily lifted me in front position , i got erected, she then grounded me and laughed at my erection then she again lifted me in tight bearhug this time i couldn't control myself and ejaculated in my frenchie Sumit I am imran height 6ft and weight 65kg and my age is 19 few days ago my sister-in-low sleeping(her height is 5ft 7inch and weight 60kg age 27years) in doublebad then get then i also sleep near him when my eye open i saw her face in too cool i got near to him and give my hand to his breast his breast was so soft. The English is bad, the grammar abhorrent, and if you don't think there are long term consequences to having more of these people here in the US then think again. An American Manwatched a film with my wife where a woman just scooped up the man in a cradle carry.

she is sleeping then took off from his breast and take enter to his salwar and touch his main point inside of salwar she is not wearing her paint.i fell so nice to waving my hand inside it she has no hair inside so its fell more agrasive at that time she wakd up from and watch my hand inside of her salwar at that time i kiss her and remove everything for sex after get sex i tell everyting what i did then i said her after sex female get stronger and tell her to lift me she lift me every kind of lift.after every thing finish she take me to bath by carrying me and after my bath she once again lift me to my bed this is happend to me Imran her husband brohey naveen tell us whats her height and weight and whats yours. also tell what was she wearing when she lifted u naked or was she also naked. She than wash my full body with soap and again carry me from the bath after wrapping with a towel. Lift me holding under arm pit, she can carry me with single hand. Before we were going to bed in the bath room I said that I was impressed that the woman that looked pretty normal could lift a man like that.

Christian My wife was on the computer the other day and I noticed that she was looking at photos of lift and carry. I thought that it was a little strange but really didnt bother me. And holding me on that position she consumed the rest of the coffee. She than placed me over her left hip, without putting me down. douggie I'm 37 and when I was 11 we had a schoolteacher late 20's tall blonde thick.

She hadbeen enrolled in a gym and had been going for about six months. After that I told to release, because my head is up side down. Holding me with her left arm and taking the coffee cup with her right hand she entered kitchen. big feathered hair feathered bangs, beautiful, bright blue eyes, long lips all teeth showed when she smiled, the second day she was there she was wearing a dark brown button down shirt tucked in with matching high rise pleated creased pants with the lines running down the front and back, and she was big thick, smaller waiste big hips and butt, wide thick pufffed thighs and heft belly perfect geometry, and big knees, My whole life pleated creased pants on a woman made me erect in three seconds and they always made me orgasm, and cum.

did she removed your clothes or u removed them yourself??? After combed my hair, she took me to the table, and feed me. Sometimes she tied me on her back with a cloth (like tribal woman) and do household work. My naked wife looked at me and said that just any woman could lift a man like me.

didi I m 32 yrs, 5'4" and 59kg, she is 28, she is of my ht but looks heavier than me, she was wearing salwar kameej when she lifted me, after sex she dressed herself and i was standing near her nude, then she just wrapped her hands around my buttocks and lifted me up and carried me to the bathroom , that time i couldnot control myself and ejaculate on her Naveen When I was 17 years old, still a virgin, me and some friends went to a big house in the country side. one day me and my gf wr watching tv,a wrestling match after 2 fights there was a match b/w a girl and a guy where girl beat that guy easily and lifted him atleast 4-5 times.....i was totaly shocked bcoz i never seen dat kind of gf was just laughing and saying c a poor guy,girls are always better than boy in every was so bad so i challenged her to a wrestling match she accepted.i said think about it once u can get hurt,i mean look at urself u'r just a girl with hot figure and look at ur boobs and waist u'r skinny too..said r u afraid or what just start the fight. I have to seat on her lap to in the dining table, cloth less. I am thankful to god for my less wt body and my amazon wife. She just came up to me and lifted me in her arms liked I weight nothing.

She lay down beside me, laid on my right arm, scissored my legs and then took control of my left arm with her left above my head. She then started to caress me and got me hard and then took my virginity. wenevr i go to her house and find nobody at home evry thng starts. Being out with her dressed like this with her short hair was almost like I was out with one of my buddies. We stayed for awhile played pool and I could tell she was enjoying herself and acting a little masculine at times. We only had a short walk and the subject of strength came up. This is wonderful she said and bent down and I jumped on her back. We went into the living room and I sat on the couch she and I made out and she was taking the dominant role. She ripped off her shirt and had a thin muscle shirt underneath.

But after 2 weeks when we both free one day when we both comes from a party I goes for bath and when I comes back after 20 mins my wife was wearing night suite which was light blue silk like a gown. I went to my wardrobe and searching for cloths we both are doing conversation and little jokes.

I am still searching for such a painting (if one exists) showing a short, fat, powerful naked lady of immense size easily holding a tall, skinny, kitten-weak naked gentleman (half her weight but far exceeding her in height) -- holding him, effortlessly, HIGH ABOVE HER HEAD!!! I lost my inner shorts in river & called silently to my maid & she came with another shorts.

But i got erected seeing her in sleevless top & snatch her into river though she completed bathing.

But after some minutes I turn back I see my wife is standing some feets back she shows in a wicked smile that she wants to grab my towel to make me nude. I starts moaning and after minute I ejected on my wife.

I starts to defend my self and wants to run by dogging her and I dodge her and wants to run but she turn back and grabs my one hand strongly I set my all power to unlock my hand from her but I can't did it. She than carry me to bathroom and we both took bath in liftcarry position. The best thing happened at night, she hold me on her cradle topless and nurse me.fordnuehi frnds.i wud like to share a real xpernc about a match b/w a girl n a boy.don't take it lightly its my school there was a couple in 12th standard they gt broken up with each day boy was sat aa the back seat of dat was talking with his frnds about how she is a real was abusing her badly "look at her boobs 36 on dis age nt possbl"gt angry aftr d class she stood up facing him n said "ok,say now" he said i dnt wanna talk 2 a dat omg dere was a real mixed wrestling full of 56 hit her from d leg on her face n pulling her dat girl teach him a gud lesson she lifted him on her shoulder n throw him down the floor aftr walking wid him on shoulder to d front of dat she hit him by d gt hurt badly,almost she kick him 4 atleast 20 times on his face and his she again lifted him on her shoulder and walk 2 d principal room and throw him infront of dat day she gt a powerfull image in school n boy gt suspended.n u cant belv she was just of 5'5 n 54kg while a guy was of 5'9 n 68is real story blv me.mardvsgirl The people who comment here don't sound like they are from America - sounds like the call center of America online - Bombay, New Delhi, anywhere but here.

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