19th century busts parian porcelain dating

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Historians call this the “commodification of art.” For the companies that made and/or marketed the goods, this might be an appropriate characterization.

For those who bought the wares, however, there were deeper meanings of identity and possession.

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Wedgwood’s stoneware copy soon followed and continued to be offered for many years into the nineteenth century in a variety of colors to coordinate with any interior.As schools of ceramic art and design increased in number and sophistication during the twentieth century, so did the impact on ceramics as one of the applied arts.Figurines have long been part of the potter’s repertoire, although a distinct fashion for them developed among the courtly class in the mid-eighteenth century.Discoveries in clay chemistry and ceramic technology in the pottery industry provided the fabric.The rise of the art union lotteries as purveyors of fine art helped to create the market.

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