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Stoil Sotirov (BUL) was elected the first President and he was the only president of IFSA until its dissolution.

The registered office of the federation had its headquarters in Sofia (BUL).

Bea Salywon Taras Shevchenko Celebration in March Ukrainian Independence Day in August Malanka Ukrainian New Year's Party in mid January (according to the old Julian Calendar) Language Instruction, Ukrainian Dancing, Arts & Crafts: Wood Carving & Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating) - [email protected] organization with members from United States, Canada, Israel, Russia and more.

Prayer services are held in the West Valley and North Phoenix. Outreach programs to Russian-speaking Jewish community. Library and weekly publication in Russian, lectures, holiday celebrations, visitation, bar mitzvah program, daily kaddish prayers. 30-day return policy, Free shipping on orders over Irina Skobeleva, [email protected] everyday: 11 am - 10 pm Mediterranean-Russian fusion: gyros, shish kabob (shashlik), schawarma, falafel, pilimeni, borshch, lagman (noodles, beef), monte (big dumplings), variety priogi, chai, ... Russian-themed, rabbi-certified, homemade kosher food lagman soup, a cumin-scented broth stocked with beef and noodles.

The Russian acrobats presented very high technical level routines of mixed pairs and men’s group.

The Polish team showed an interesting form of routines in women’s trio.

Teams from four countries participated in the tournament: the USSR, Poland, Bulgaria and the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

The premiere Junior World Championships were held in Katowice (POL) in 1989.

From IFSA to FIG Thanks to the initiative of national acrobatics federations of the USSR, Poland and Bulgaria, the International Federation of Sports Acrobatics (IFSA) was established on November 23, 1973 at the congress in Moscow.

It united the national federations of 12 countries.

The athletes competed in different countries and their televised performances were compared and judged.

At the start, only acrobats from the USSR and Poland took part in the TV matches, but later Bulgaria joined got involved as well.

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