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Review Back in December 2013, I hailed the first generation Motorola Moto G as the best affordable smartphone on the market.

If you want a reasonably compact 4.5-inch device, then, arguably, it still is the best, thanks to a midlife facelift that added a micro SD slot and 4G reception. II 3G-only version was released late last year and now a 4G incarnation of the same has rocked up.

This is likely the result of a sudden change in the hormones the fish releases into its bloodstream.

The new BBC clip is one of a number of world-first's captured by the Blue Planet II team for the new seven-part series.

The excellent build quality, water resistant coating, simple but elegant design and straightforward arrangement of the controls and ports are all still in evidence.

Yet there are some significant differences between both the first and second generation models and the 3G and 4G versions of the latter.

To avoid shattering experiences, a sheet of good old Gorilla Glass 3 covers the display. II Moto G have been given a higher resolution screen? The new 4G Moto G boasts a fixed 2,390m Ah battery, up from 2,070m Ah in the 3G version and the 4G 4.5-inch model.

I imagine the engineers at Motorola thought that sacrificing a pretty marginal amount of sharpness was a price worth paying for a display that goes easier on the battery. Granted, 4G communication is more power hungry but the extra capacity still gives the latest G longer endurance in everyday use. Getting a full day of heavy use from the new Moto G really wasn’t much of a challenge.

The episodes will air on BBC America in early 2018.

Amazing footage of the species' transformation will be shown for the first time when the new Blue Planet series airs in the UK on Sunday.

Scroll down for video A transgender fish has been captured changing sex for BBC's Blue Planet II in world-first footage.

State-of-the-art suction cameras have been used, to allow viewers to 'travel' on the back of whale sharks and orcas.

The series' gender-bending fish clip comes after experts warned in July that contraceptives, cleaning products and other household items flushed down UK drains and toilets are turning male fish transgender.

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