Absolute vs relative age dating

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Previous research has shown that i PS cells retain some memory of their tissue of origin, which may have important implications for their use in therapeutics.

To explore these important potential differences, i PS research must continue to be conducted side by side with human embryonic cell research." That's amoral science.

For example, i PS cells could enable scientists to take an easily obtainable skin cell from any patient and use it to create perfectly matched cells, tissue and potentially even entire organs for transplants that would be immune to rejection.

require destroying embryos, would be able to produce the same results as ESCR.

The Nuremberg code was invoked by activists outraged when the Bush administration, at the chemical industry’s urging, proposed tests of pesticides on pregnant mothers and children. Someday, we'll likely do the same at the thought of destroying the bodies of unborn children for science.

The "As ideology, Bush’s restrictions on embryonic stem cell funding were legitimate.

Rossi of the Children's Hospital Boston, who led the research published in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

Bush's administration is anti-science, he isolated a familiar pair of culprits: climate change and stem cells.

From the Scientists have invented an efficient way to produce apparently safe alternatives to human embryonic stem cells without destroying embryos, a long-sought step toward bypassing the moral morass surrounding one of the most promising fields in medicine.

A team of researchers at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute in Boston published a series of experiments Thursday showing that synthetic biological signals can quickly reprogram ordinary skin cells into entities that appear virtually identical to embryonic stem cells.

Now, the entire field of embryonic stem-cell research may prove to be completely extraneous.

That is, adult stem cells, with a few modifications, appear to be able to do everything embryonic stem cells can do, and there's no need to kill babies to get them.

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