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The claimant is given a specific time and day to attend and must bring their sheet showing the jobs that they have applied for.

During a claimant’s slot, as well as signing on, the Job Centre’s coach will also look at the claimant’s recorded sheet, also known as a diary, of job applications to confirm that they have done everything in their power to actively look for work and are entitled to receiving the benefit.

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2014 the number of people claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance, fell by 2,000 from March to 103,000 in April 2014.

The group that makes up the most of those claiming JSA fall into the age bracket of between 25 and 49.

The Job Centre can also help the claimant improve their CV writing for help with seeking employment and can also offer to supply them with a suit should a job interview arise.

Once the claimant has enrolled for JSA, they must attend to meet with their advisor at the Job Centre once every fortnight.

If the claimant’s behavior is not satisfactory or they do not comply to attend interviews, their payment can be suspended. 35 (£57.90 from April 2015) and £72.40 if you are 25 or over (£73.10 from April 2015).

The form asks questions based on the number of hours of work, if any, a potential claimant works as well as the level of income they have.After filling out the form, the Job Centre gets in touch with the claimant usually no longer than two days later by text or phone call to arrange a face to face interview to discuss their application.It is mandatory that the claimant attends the interview in order to start the process to receiving Job Seekers Allowance.An extensive list of the countries is available on the government website.When it comes to claiming JSA it is a process which mostly consists of form filling and attending interviews at the Job Centre.

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