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One wonders why upper management has yet to take notice and do something about it. Doctors sometimes give their nurses "gifts" but others are on an island I was a quick learner and never dreaded doing to my job. It was rewarding and a new learning experience for me.

I would love to work back in this type of environment again.

Didn't really like the culture and the lack of resource in the department.

Overall the hospital is a great place for care medically, however the behavioral health department was not a great place for care for the patient's and I absolutely hated that.

Or we have disposable undergarments available upon request. This is your treatment and we want you to enjoy the experience.

During wet services, such as body scrubs and wraps, you will not be draped in order to reap maximum benefits. If you would like the room temperature adjusted, the music volume raised or lowered, or a change in the amount of pressure during your massage, for example, please let your therapist know.

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Please try to make your appointment at least 10 days prior to your desired appointment date by calling (515) 225-2642.Lead positions are occupied by cronies who are not only unqualified for the positions but who have zero knowledge, aptitude, ability, or skill set to even be working in the department. THey expect more work & responsibilities for less money. We are at risk for patient violence and not many people can do our job.Is there any wonder why the turn over rate for qualified sterile processing techs working in this department was so high? Management is worroed more about themselves than improving employees. Clock in,get all Physicians new orders and fill them. The turnover rate is high which means lack of staff, making the unit less safe, which is where we get all the overtime. It is fulfilling of making a difference in someone's life.While tipping is certainly not required, it is appreciated and shows a direct reflection of your view of the service you received.The customary gratuity for services is 15% to 20% of the cost of the service. Men now account for almost half of all spa customers, and their numbers are spiraling upward quickly.

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