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We're a community of developers that work together to create products. Formspree is a project that solves a problem many of us have faced: easily adding forms to otherwise static HTML pages.

Ao concordar com [this agreement / these terms / etc.] ou continuar a operar como [account holder term] em [platform name], você aceita o Contrato de Serviços da Stripe, que pode ser alterado pela Stripe periodicamente.

The same excellent imagery is used by the Bing Maps Aerial layer.

Somewhat surprisingly, World Imagery can also be accessed by QGIS, as it supports ESRI’s map servers that use that adds various Google, Bing and Open Street Map image layers to QGIS.

If you ever missed a submission email, for any reason, you can just login and read your last 1000 submissions, all listed and timestamped with full data.

Also, the submissions can be exported to CSV or JSON!

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method of documenting tracking and updating software licenses