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However, dreams were inspired by this: The mid-afternoon stopping train left our station at four-six - six minutes past four - a perfect time for me to see it on my way home from school.It occurred to me, years later, that the only reason I went to that school was to see the four-six on my way home.STEAM TRAINS TO THE LEFT, STEAM TRAINS TO THE RIGHT…

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In summer, the journey might have been idyllic, but in winter, it could be intimidating and harrowing - it snowed aplenty in these parts.It was a mixed train - I doubt there are such things anymore - a mixture of passenger coaches, parcels carriages and an odd assortment of vans at the back. I never caught the four-six, although I wish I had, and I can't imagine now, the people who did.They were obviously people in no hurry; people with time and patience, and a sense of their destiny and the importance of the train.Getting to the point..idea of this site is to rekindle fond memories of bygone days - well, the memories that an old fogey can dredge up, that is.Alas forgetfulness is one of the foibles of old age - a senior moment, as it's often called - and it's not until you dig deeper into your subconsciousness (ferreting through memories shoved furthermost to the back of your mind) that the foggy confusion suddenly clears..nostalgia malarkey is nothing like a rehabilitive exercise at all!

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