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Using this method also allows rescuers to speak to 911 operators and receive instructions over the phone without interrupting compressions.

Compressions-only CPR is also used when a victim is breathing normally, but they do not have a pulse.

When the heart is unable to do it on its own, CPR manually pumps blood to the organs.

Immediate action is critical to improving a victim's chance of survival during a cardiac arrest.

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Depending on the provider, CPR and first aid certification is valid for either one or two years.Without the heart providing oxygenated blood to the organs, they will suffer irreversible damage, which can be fatal without emergency care.Without oxygen, brain damage can occur after four minutes, and the victim can die within ten minutes.Dan and Marie Vetter, and great-grandchildren, Ben and Delphine Vetter.A large tent was erected for holding Mass, dancing and other entertainment, as well as a smaller tent as an additional shelter.

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