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It's FINALLY registration for swim lessons! Because of the high demand and limited space in each class, you will have a 15 minute window to complete our registration once you select a class.

-Know which level your child is in BEFORE registering.

The Portland news media get their closure messages from a news clearinghouse.

The Erotic Review has come up with new concept called TER White List.

The domino effect of one child needing to "go to the bathroom", followed by every other student, can have a real damaging effect on the class lesson plan.

Our instructors are highly trained and simply put, REALLY GOOD!

In order to join the RT group a swimmer must have completed Level 3 swim lessons or have approval from the head coach.

Below is a list of closures and delays being reported for today.

With this being said, not every teaching style matches every learning style, so please communicate with the Supervisor on deck if you have any questions or concerns.

Should your concern be with the Supervisor themselves, then please see our Pool Coordinator, Patrick Mc Ardle.

Our classes are drop-in, so no need to sign up for a whole session in advance. Our instructors are more than welcome to show you the basics before class starts.

Please arrive a minute or two before the class time and introduce yourself!

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