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Years ago, Jim, Nancy's late husband, had requested the seat be built into the shower when he had the bathroom remodeled. However, instead of serving as a safe place for an aging man to relax, the bench had now become a safe place for mother and son to fuck regularly. Her mother was now 3 months pregnant and with her Father gone she had become paranoid about her mother's well being. Sam watched as his mother's plump bottom squished against him every time she settled her entire weight onto him. The 44 year old mother of 4 was sitting on her son's lap, his cock deep inside her pregnant body. At the same time he continued guiding his mother up and down his throbbing pole.With his free hand he pulled her butt cheeks apart and slowly rubbed his swollen head against her puffy lips.He slowly parted her open and soon he was balls deep inside. Nancy's ass rippled underneath her son until he decided to grab her asscheeks with both hands.He wrapped himself in a towel and hung his wet trunks outside on a lawn chair. Whenever possible Sam would find a way to get between her legs.When he approached Nancy in the living room, he decided to give her a little show and flashed her with his erect cock. Whether it was a quickie before class or a late night romp in her bedroom. " Nancy said as she felt the baby kick inside her again.

Nancy couldn't help but admire how Sam completely took over his father's responsibilities; from maintaining the house, to fixing the cars, and of course fucking her regularly like a good husband would.That was really weird last time." Rachel continued. that," Nancy stammered as she felt Sam reach underneath her towel to grope her fat bottom. The summer heat was impossible to escape and all of the Martin household tried their best to cool off.Nancy laid on the couch sipping on pink lemonade with a fan blowing over her. She had one button fastened above her belly, leaving her pregnant belly exposed to cool off.The thought of her mother fainting in the shower flashed through her head. "Sorry mom, I was calling you but you didn't answer." Mother and daughter looked at each other's reflection via the foggy bathroom mirror. This information of course she could not share since it would require Rachel to walk into the bathroom to look in one of the drawers. I believe it's in one of the drawers honey." "I already checked there," Rachel replied impatiently. Check again." Rachel gave an exasperated sigh then spun on her heel and hurried out the bathroom. Although his cock was thick and long it was no match for Nancy's plump bottom. My legs are falling asleep." Without a word, Nancy's stood up, freeing Sam's thick cock.Franticallty she ran to her mother's closet and pulled out a coat hanger to unlock the door. Her shower door was not glazed but instead completely transparent. Nancy prayed that Rachel would not turn to look at her directly. Unbelievably, Nancy felt Sam's hands grab her hips and lift her up slightly. Nancy quickly reprimanded him by digging her nails into one of his legs. The door wasn't even closed before Nancy began bouncing her meaty ass back on Sam's lap. What the heck were you thinking humping me while she was still in here? " Sam gritted his teeth and pushed his hips upwards, fully penetrating his mother. Her pussy swallowed him whole, over and over again. It smacked against his abs as the tip slid out of her well fucked pussy. Nancy's couldn't help but ogle her son, as water dripped his entire body.

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