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Before he left he told me it wasn't me it was him, he was unhappy with … Could this be a Midlife crisis Hi Having been married neally 21 years,these past two years have been rough,communication has broken down,he only talks about things when it suits him. separated for 5 months fate of marriage unknown my husband and i have been together for 10 years and he walked out on me very unexpectedly. He is turning 50 this year and it really has been bothering him. Husband is 42 years old and all of a sudden very emotional!! As we all know, a man's mid-life crisis has NO explanation...My once loving husband has turned into a monster My husband of 23 years left me 5 weeks ago after I found out he was having an online affair with a woman he met playing online games.. is My 41 Yr old Husband Starting a Midlife Crises lately for the past year myt 41 year old husband has been i dont even know him anymore..will be married 20 yrs this august..… My husband has always been a strong man and now he cries over alot of stuff!! Noel's response I am not sure why men often become emotional … BUT..he CHOOSES to remarry a younger woman and then CHOOSES to intentionally have twins …confused - he doesn't love me, but still wants to see me now and then married and been together 23 years,he joined the police and changed. Noel's response The first thing I suggest is that you make looking after your son (getting … Through your website, you have helped me through my husbands' midlife transition for the past 5 months. Is it a bad idea to contact the other woman, if supposedly nothing physical ever happened? My father is leaving my mother for a younger woman of my age Hello, my father just announced he is divorcing my mother for a younger woman . We were together for 16 years & married 15 of those. Pregnant by a man that left his wife and then went back to her. My husband is 35 years old and he has moved out because he is confused.then last july he tells me he doesnt love me but still cares for me he has not been … I am struggling with trying NOT to contact the other woman involved in my husband's crisis. I was involved with a 50 year old man that was married for 24 years and left his wife and has now went back. Hello, My husband and I are about to celebrate our 14 year anniversary on January 1st. They all want to date, have fun but are not ready to commit even after …I'm 30 year old female and my 48 year old bf broke up with me. I feel that my boyfriend now ex, "always wants to be right... We have had a difficult time the past couple of years due to finances … My husband and I have not had sex in the last 21/2 years? why do men in their late 40s want to date but not commit? He thinks he's too old to have a baby, but I'm pregnant Im 28, and my boyfriend is 47.a kind of know it all." I usually just let it be, but I recently got upset over, what is … again husband cares for me but has lost his feelings For six months my husband had an affair. Im 32 my boyfriend is 48 having problems in bed Ok so i began dating my 48 yea old boyfriend and he had not had sex in three years till me now. My husband is 41 and I am 45, we have been married for 10 years, and for the last 2 1/2 we have not had any intimacy? We've friends a couple years, and for the past 6 months we've been romantically involved. Did my husband leave me because he couldn't perform? I felt for most of our marriage we were quite happy. male mid life and walking out on thirty year marriage 30 years marriage teen sweethearts 4 years prior to that ups and downs in marriage nothing ever runs smooth very demanding mother in law but i married …

By the same token, please look at the questions from other visitors, along with my answers, before you ask your question, as chances are you will find a situation very much like yours has already been addressed.My husband left with no warning and totally cut ties My husband walked out on me and our 3 kids 4 yrs. Im in love with a 50 yr old man who is with a lady dying of cancer Im a 27 year old woman, in a band with an amazing guitar player. Married for 32 yrs and stilll live in the same house and he has a girlfriend now. my partner has left me for the third time in ten years He first left at age 46 then again age 49 and then again this time at age 56.However, im gay, he is abt to be 50, the woman who introduced him and me is dying of cancer … This age is when you're suppose to be settling down with someone - why would … dad's midlife crisis and daughter's un-knowningness. My dad recently went through a very traumatic divorce, he was divorced by a woman he was with for 15 years, she is 20 years younger and I suppose felt … Does MLC affect men in a way due to their anger or guilt to perform spousal rape on their wives before they leave home due to an affair? What my husband did to me was very out of character for him.===================================== Do you have concerns about a male midlife crisis, mid-life issues or other questions about midlife men? I would like to help by answering visitor questions about mid-life issues right here on the site.From my experience, many of my visitors questions are similar.

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