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When you take a tire in for repairs after using a product like Fix-A-Flat or Slime, it’s important to let the shop know that you used one of these products.In the past, it was extremely important so that they would be able to avoid igniting flammable materials left in the tire, but it’s still important today so that the mechanic will know what they are dealing with.

There are also two persistent rumors that surround these types of products.Related to this issue is the fact that all emergency tire repair products leave some form of residue inside the tire that has to be cleaned out.This is an issue because most tire repairs that involve some type of puncture can be repaired either on the vehicle or at least without removing the tire from the rim.Conventional wisdom has said for a while that products like Fix-A-Flat and TPMS sensors don’t mix, but expert opinions have shifted in recent years, so while it is possible that your sensor could have been damaged by using a product like Fix-A-Flat, the situation is a little more complicated.This all assumes that the TPMS sensors in question are the kind that is located inside the tire.

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