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Elvenhome is an archive of those games that have played to completion.

Please read and enjoy them, using them as an example for future adventures.

It is surprising to me though that in 1968 a masonic date would be put on a public building.

I've seen it on other buildings before, the locations escape me.

Cubitt (William Cubitt) by Lever, Charles James by Buchan, John by Newbolt, Henry John, Sir by Fitzgerald, Percy Hetherington by Addison, Joseph by Steele, Richard, Sir by Kipling, Rudyard by Kipling, Rudyard by Thomas, Cyrus by Beecham, Tom by Repp, Ed Earl by Oxenford, John by Browning, Robert by Flint, W.

(Henry Benjamin) by Braybrooke, Richard Griffin, Baron by Bright, Mynors by Pepys, Samuel by Wheatley, Henry B.

These guys are so insidious that they put the signs of their control in plain sight.

Magnus' son, Constantine seems to have failed to establish a dynasty in Gwynedd; whilst Eugenius "Black-Lips" (alias Owain Finddu), founded the original dynasty of Mid-South Wales, later called Glywysing (alias Morgannwg).

Richard by Stratemeyer, Edward by Rogers, Walter S.

All other monarchies of South Wales descend from their brother Antonius Donatus Gregorius (alias Anwn Dynod).

While North Wales was taken by Cunedda Wledig who was intent on driving the Irish out.

At the University of Nevada Las Vegas student union building, I saw the following chiselled in a stone on the front of the building: A.

I've seen 1999, and I think the upper limit is somewhere around there as dates before that are lost.

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