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There may be a kinship with the Latin futuere (futuo), a verb with almost exactly the same meaning as the English verb "to fuck".From fūtuere came French foutre, Catalan fotre, Italian fottere, Romanian futere, vulgar peninsular Spanish joder, Portuguese foder, and the obscure English equivalent to futter, coined by Richard Francis Burton.See more » This movie is an awesome remake of the original by the same title. The main plot is a man is poisoned and he has to solve his own murder , neat eh?! The movie was cool,despite the fact, I hate new ones! Dex shot the villain in the front and the villain took several steps backwards without turning around. He finds help with his friends, but everyone is now a suspect!!

Deciphering the phrase "gxddbou xxkxzt pg ifmk", here by replacing each letter by the previous letter in alphabetical order, as the English alphabet was then, yields the macaronic non sunt in coeli, quia fuccant vvivys of heli, which translated means, "They are not in heaven, because they fuck the women of Ely".

He finds help and comfort from one of his students, Sydney Fuller.

At the end of the movie, Dex shoots the villain, who falls out of a window.

However, there is no clear past lineage or derivation for the Latin word.

These roots, even if cognates, are not the original Indo-European word for to copulate, but Wayland Young argues that they derive from the Indo-European *bug– ("be", "become"), or as causative "create" [see Young, 1964].

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