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‘“Yeah, but that’s because you’re looking for me.’” So would a potential attacker, surely? Out of context, it’s very difficult for people to identify me.’”To be fair, he’s the only man in the club who looks like Action Man in retirement.

Mc Nab is short and stocky but visibly still very fit in his late 50s, with a square jaw and salt-and-pepper hair cropped close. I’m running around like a blue-a***rsed fly anyway –, it’s not as if I’ve got a set routine.”I must look sceptical, because Mc Nab reveals he’s still getting death threats from former enemies – including a recent one from what’s left of the IRA.

' Stanley was voted to do the trial on Tuesday night - no doubt because it is the first challenge he has been medically approved to take part in.

It gave Kezia Dugdale the opportunity to step up for her first official Bushtucker Trial - but the camp were set for disappointment when she and Stanley could achieve only five out of 11 stars for camp.

Former Conservative MEP Stanley was strapped to a large wheel covered with critters, and has to locate balls among the creepy crawlies to throw into a nearby goal.

However, throwing was not Stanley's strong point, as he proceeded to miss every single shot in the short time limit - to the delight of Ant and Dec.

After failing in his first few attempts, Ant quipped: 'It's like watching England play penalties,' at which Dec adds: 'No, its worse!

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