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Laura’s family, including a young boy of eight or nine, circled her pyre stacking piñon pine and spruce logs, selected because they burn with heightened intensity.Laura’s partner and her adult son waited at the corners with lit torches.“We had to drive a truck over the top of it to get it flat again,” Stephanie said.

When she died, the woman, now known as Mungo Lady, was cremated by her community.The mourners, all 130 of them, ringed the pyre in silence.The only sound was the pop of flaming wood, as if one by one Laura’s memories were diffusing into the ether.Cremations in Crestone didn’t always employ such stirring rituals.Before the processions at dawn and the didgeridoos and the well-organized juniper dispersers, there were Stephanie, Paul, and their Porta-Pyre.

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