Are jasmine and junsu dating

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Viewers will still see the fallout from an incident involving De Mario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, which resulted in production getting shut down temporarily.

But first, fans had a chance to see some fledgling relationships form.

Production stills don't show any photos of Jasmine and Matt together, but there are several photos of Matt and Taylor snuggled up with each other, holding hands, etc.

(Looks like Derek may have had some trouble holding onto her, even after he proved himself to be a competent fire-builder.)Jasmine is pictured once with Ben Z.

They had a seemingly successful one-on-one date before production came to a halt, but are Jasmine and Matt dating after ?

If I were a betting woman, I'd wager that Jasmine probably gives Matt her rose this week and things fall apart between them soon after.

“How to Get Famous 101.” Lesson 1: Pick a fight with the world’s most famous teenager. Jasmine Villegas has not said a word about the fight, but I think we can all agree that she can do way better than this guy.

Some kid rapper named Jinsu decided to start a Twitter feud with Justin Bieber. I guess he’s dating Justin’s ex Jasmine Villegas (yes, the girl from the “Baby” video) or something and Jinsu whathisface decided to make comments that were not directly aimed at Biebs, but were obviously about him. UPDATE: He’s trending on Twitter and really proud of himself.

Jasmine's older brother Jream, released a song on Youtube called "My Story" in response to drama.

In the song, he said that Jinsu didn't abuse Jasmine, but it was actually their mother that did.

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