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Kim got about million from Vivid Entertainment for her sex tape scandal, but...Read Full Story Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush carried on an on-again/off-again relationship starting in 2007 that seemed to come to a final end in 2010. right now i’ve got kim kardashian and her hot footballer boyfriend reggie bush – the couple recently shot some sexy pictures together for a feature in the latest issue of GQ magazine (you can see more pictures from their spread over on kim’s website – reggie’s body is ) i still don’t really get why ms.kardashian is actually famous for except being a one-time friend of paris hilton plus she had that whole sex tape scandal with her ex-boyfriend ray j (he creeps me out) but for some reason i do like kim – i got suckered in by her family’s reality show keeping up with the kardashians which i swore i wouldn’t watch but one day when i was at the dentist i was forced to watch a few episodes and after that the show quickly became one of my top guilty pleasures – i can never pass up a helping of mindless entertainment! xoxo Here is my first-ever photo shoot with Reggie and I!

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Kardashian's rep blamed their schedules for the break-up, claiming they weren't able to spend enough time together to make the relationship work.* Celebrity Couple Hotness Quotient 0 | | | | 10 | | | | 20 Success: Attractiveness: Popularity: Staying Power: (Getty Images)more pics »Success.

Due to the sex tape leak, Kim got dumped by her then-boyfriend Nick Canon.

She had to face harsh taunts from the media who defined her current fame and success as a result of that sex-tape leak.

Romance was never particularly easy for Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush.

Dating was a pain under the watchful eye of the paparazzi, and while Kim was accustomed to the attention, her buff, cagey NFL star of a boyfriend certainly was not.

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