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It is not enough to quip that "intellectual" and "church" are oxymoronic.Origen, Augustine, Philoponus, Aquinas, and the rest are giants of Western thought.Thus Krauss and others battling against the mythical God-of-the-gaps sound like a clever mechanic who imagines that just because he can explain how a car works he has done away with the Manufacturer.I wish I had a dollar for every time an atheist insisted to me that I am an atheist with respect to Thor, Zeus, Krishna, and so on, and that atheists just go "one god more".

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" One of the things that becomes apparent in serious Christian literature is that almost no one uses "faith" in the sense of .

I don't just mean that anyone who dips into Christian history will discover that the violence of Christendom is dwarfed by the bloodshed of non-religious and irreligious conflicts.

I mean that those who find themselves, or their loved ones, in genuine need in almost any country in the Western world are very, very likely to become the beneficiaries of direct and indirect Christian compassion.

That might be Richard Dawkins' preferred definition—except when he was publicly asked by Oxford's Professor John Lennox whether he had "faith" in his lovely wife—but it is important to know that in theology "faith" always means God—have faith in him—in the sense meant in theology.

Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss have done a disservice to atheism by talking as though Six-Day Creationism is the default Christian conviction.

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