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Mommy whips him and busts his balls and rams big fat rubber cocks up his ass so hard and so often he's usually too sore to practice much. And I loved the way his legs kicked and jerked when I shocked him. He was at risk of losing his scholarship if his grades didn't improve. They were both about drained and we were still fifteen minutes from my play space. Then I checked the truck to make sure I hadn't left any clues. He was looking up at me, his eyes dead, his skin all pale, his mouth distorted in a silent scream. Only then did I put on the jeans and blouse and sandals I'd brought with me. I went back to the plumber's truck and poured the gas over the dead man and splashed a bunch in the truck. I just knew that sometimes she'd take a newboy downstairs, some kid I'd never seen before and after a weekend of the mostwonderful male screams Mom would come up totally exhausted. Then she'd call one of her subbies and a couple hours later he'd come over to remove the 'trash' from the basement. Ever since we'dstarted sharing our favorite fantasies about the most fun was to snuff Daddymy Mom and I had gotten closer. Despite any misgivings she must have had about including a thirteen year oldgirl in a killing scene she had to know that I'd never would have forgiven herif she'd shut me out of this kind of fun. And that's what I like best about taking a boy's life. We hurt him some more just for fun then Mom chained him to the steel postin the basement. It was fun watching his body contort and twist the way it did. He'd decided to use the long Thanksgiving weekend to hitch hike to see a girl he met at a party weeks ago. There's not much you can do to a boy while you're driving by yourself. I'd had two fully charged units when I stopped to pick Jimmy up. I made sure the smoldering tip of my Virginia Slim was nestled against his left testicle and returned the lighter to its slot in the dashboard."Well, that was fun. I don't mean the cigarette burning between your legs hon. So I poked the pipe around inside Charlie's dead body a dozen times. The plastic bag was clear and I could see his face while I went through his pockets. I put that bag in another plastic bag, tied it off then heaved the whole thing in the trunk. I suspected Mom had snuffed men before butshe'd never really said that. Snuffing my own father made itall that more intimate. Wedidn't hurt him like we were hurting Dad but we tortured that whimpylittle boy until he beggedus to stop. Knowing more about him, about his goals, his aspiration, what he intended to do with his life, well it made it more exciting when I took away his hopes and his dreams and his future. I picked up the remote from the cup holder in the center console and pressed the red button. So I jammed the stun gun between his legs again and squeezed the trigger. It wasn't as fun as using a strapon on a live victim but what the hell. So I knew killing Charlie had been good and right and fun. I dragged the plastic bag with his stuff over to my car, opened the trunk then slipped out of my gloves and top, took off the leather pants, kicked off the boots and put it all in the bag with the rest. Well, Daddywasn I'm not sure if I enjoyed it any more than Mom did though. At least I hope so.""You didn't do anything sweetie. I even picked through his tools and took what I thought were the most valuable, a drill and some sort of saw like contraption. I pulled Charlie's pants down to his knees and shoved the pipe up his ass. And as it turned out when I started snuffing my various husbands for profit I'm glad my suburban neighbors were in the dark about how I liked to have fun. Well, all but one subbie little detective I knew and used before I snuffed him too. I unwound the wire, took the bag off his head, got out and locked up the truck. Wedidn't even bother trying to get any sleep we were so excited. By the time I was done his tongue was hanging out of his mouth and he was drooling. I let him rest for a few seconds then hit him again with a head jerking jolt. All he could do was grunt and sputter as the agony overwhelmed his senses. And he really, really hated the training collar around his neck. And zapped him half a dozen times to let him know who was in control. So I stuck the hot end of my cigarette in the hole I'd just burned in his jeans. No, I mean how does it feel knowing I'm going to burn you like that over and over again. They never suspect a woman of doing things like this. I was learning to do this kind of kill so I could get away with it. I guess once she decided we were going to snuff Daddy she was finallyable to let herself go with him. That was probably the best part, getting to snuff Daddy as my first kill. We started the Friday night before Memorial Day and didn't finish with him until the next Monday afternoon. Sometime Friday night when Dad was passed out after a particularly vicious torturesession Mom and I went downstairs and played with my brother Tommy for a bit. His body started to flop and jerk and do all sorts of lovely things. He hadn't told any of his friends or his parents what he was up to. I wanted to make it look like my plumber friend had met up with a perverted sex maniac. I was being careful to leave as little evidence as possible. I'd never seen her be so cruel, even with the usual pain sluts she entertained down in thebasement. Unless you count what I do to my sons Tommy and Billy. His feet were cuffed and attached by a chain to a collar around his neck. Given the dark and the rain and the remote location I was pretty sure nobody saw me. And I wanted him up on a bench in position so my new fuck machine could get to his ass hole where I could ream him a nice big new one. So I'd had to leave some slack in the leather straps. He wouldn't stay that way fort long, not with what I planned on doing to him. He was still banging his head against the bench in a frenzy. But the boy was suffering so, and his eyes held such fear and such pain. At the end it was just one long continuous climax for me. Besides, my Mom had good ideas about how best to torture men and get away with it. And thinking of her as family gave me an idea.s money and insurance and mostly how much Tricia would enjoy torturing the man to death. All we had to do was see if Trish was up for it and if her Dad was available. Turns out my sex crazed sadistic lover was eager to join in the fun. My girl Trish knows how to have a good time with a guy. I lead him to believe I wouldnt let her go all the way with him and actually snuff him.

I know two other Moms at my son's school who torture boys. And like me I figure they make their own opportunities when they can. He tried to scream but his jaw was locked up as wave after wave of delicious agony washed over his body. I laughed and shoved the gun between his legs again. After getting rid of that I went home and taught Frank a lesson he'd never forget. When I got bored with that I shoved my hand in as far as I could and started pinching things. The worst part is when I penetrated past your sphincter isn't it sweetie. So I get boy's whose sphincter muscle wears out after just a few thrusts of my fist in and out. I don't know what kind of exercises swimmer do but the kid had one of the tightest asses I'd ever fisted. I left one end poking out his butt so I could pull the wad out later. So prolonging their agony simply prolongs our pleasure. The dildo penetrated a good two inches if he relaxed. Another three full turn of the gear and the dildo slid right up to his sphincter another two inches. The first nine inches were really three balls each three inches in diameter. It was fun watching the flames work their way up his body, licking away at the unburned flesh, leaving behind a blackened husk everywhere they burned. Jimmyslut couldnd get the full length of the stroke inside him once I turned on the machine. As it was we took a break after we got enough smoke in the men They were still breathing when we set them on fire. He looked at me when I poured the oil over his head. I used my silver Zippo and started the fire at Daddys feet. I leaned over the boy to get a good look at his face. That was fun but not as fun as when the flames reached his chest and then his head and started to eat away at his face. I stopped by my place and finished up that project I was working on. That way there'd be a series of thick and thin parts to punch through the boy's sphincter when I switched it on and the shaft started it's intoxicating in and out motion. He started to really thrash around when the fire got to his balls and his cock.

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