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I drove toward what I assumed was the office, - a lovely homestead surrounded by verandahs and a huge sun deck. Naked except both wore trainers which seemed to draw even more attention to their bare skin. I was terrified of being caught staring - something I was convinced was frowned upon - but in my peripheral vision I could see it quite clearly. " I started guiltily as I realised Sabrina had been talking to me and I had not heard a word.

She was perhaps in her 40s, slim, dark and petite, I noticed almost unconsciously that her pussy was almost bare and her long hair almost but not quite covered her nipples. " I jumped out of the car as they approached, conscious of my clothed state, but unsure what to do about it. I was circumcised, dark, maybe about 3 inches long,a little wrinkled at the base, and spouted from a thick tuft of dark pubic hair. "I was just saying that you are the only guest here so far this week.

Sabrina poured a cool drink for all three of us and leant back in her chair.

She lifted one leg and tucked it under the other and I was aware that her almost hairless pussy was fully on display.

I downloaded a few books from amazon and the subject and read them voraciously - this was a world I'd never imagined. Their nudity not only made them seem more real than the ideals that advertising pushed, they actually looked more confident, happy and accepting.

I wasn't really convinced of the endless denials in the literature that nudism 'was not about sex', and I only half believed the stuff about it being a healthy alternative lifestyle. On beaches, in woods, at resorts and campgrounds, people of all shapes and sizes relaxed naked and smiled confidently back at the camera. For the first time in a long while that night I stripped naked and looked at myself in a full length mirror. Just another perfectly acceptable shape on the human spectrum. I found out where the local nude beaches where and tried every week to pluck up the courage to visit one, But I never did.

I had worried that my little Hyundai, laden with camping gear, and an abundance of food, drinks and ice, might not make it through the rough country roads, but she had handled it all with hardly a complaint.

I wondered now if I would be as resilient as she once I reached the end of the bumpy, sandy road that led - in less than 5 minutes - to my destination.

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For those readers who expect a lot of immediate sexual activity, this may disappoint.

One penis was about all I could manage at the moment.

We reached the sundeck and Sabrina offered me a seat at an outdoor dining table while Dave disappeared inside the house.

Nudism did lead me to sexual awakenings, but it did not happen all that quickly.

***** The sun was beating down and flashing through the trees as I drove the last few dirt miles to the bushland retreat.

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