Average length of time dating before marriage

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"Most weddings that I do are in the range of Rs.25-30 crore weddings, though recently I did a Rs.100 crore wedding." “This is a very good business,” says Pankaj,“There is never a down cycle.

Whether the economy is good or bad, people are always getting married.

The business has boomed so much that these days there are more brokers than girls and boys! The business may be booming, but the business of marriage brokerage is definitely not an easy one.

“Mine is a lucrative business, but it is also one of the most difficult.

A pair of parents who have arrived on the morning train from Lucknow wait their turn to register their daughter, while another anxious pair are scouring resumes on the “marriage database” of the firm.Pankaj Shastri’s business operates only through word-of-mouth."We cater to India’s top-tier families, they all know each other, and they all know us." He throws a heavyweight client list at me, and gives me the numbers. Professional marriage brokers have emerged as big players in the R250 billion Indian marriage market.Here, they reveal startling facts about how matches are fixed and what families look for in brides/grooms At the South Extension (Delhi) offices of A to Z Matchmaking Management, it is an unusually busy day.

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