Backdating charges

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The UCLL price is the base price for using Chorus’ lines.The UBA price is for the use of Chorus’ electronics and software that enables retail telecommunications companies to provide phone and broadband to their customers.The total wholesale price makes up roughly half of what consumers pay when they sign up for a standard broadband plan.

“After considering submissions and reviewing our July draft decision we have made several changes to correct technical errors and account for updated or additional costs in our model.The most significant changes include: Yes, Commissioner Pat Duignan considers that the start date for the FPP prices should be 1 December 2014, with retail telecommunications companies compensating Chorus accordingly for the difference between the IPP and FPP prices during this year.UCLL stands for unbundled copper local loop and are the copper lines that Chorus owns and maintains.Retail service providers have said they prefer a trend that tracks changes in the underlying costs, partly to ease the initial upward adjustment.Further decisions made since July are predominantly technical changes to the modelling.

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