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"You're the most exotic flower, darling."Frank Iero is the most notorious Crimelord in all of the American east coast. He has more respect than the president himself, more money than he knows what to do with, and more power than he ever imagined himself having. But when a porcelain complexion beauty, with an innocent head and a naïve way of thinking stubbles upon him, that might just change Franks game forever. Es algo estúpido de señalar en este punto de su vida, como lo sería decir que le gusta el arte y leer comics en vez de aclarar que está estudiando para escribirlos él mismo.

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After being given music that the band had written without words, Bert wrote the lyrics to what would become "Maybe Memories" and returned the next day with a newly recorded version of the song.Soon after, Way announced he was working on a solo record called feels very English. Going into high school I discovered The Smiths, The Cure, all that stuff.Then grunge happened, and I didn't respond to it at all. Frontman Jarvis Cocker has said that album is their weird one, the one that stopped them from reaching any kind of mega-fame. As a kid going into art school, I completely identified with that. There's a line in that first song that's seven minutes long where [Jarvis Cocker] says, "You're going to like it, but not a lot." I love that. It's something I took with me into My Chemical Romance.The band welcomed him immediately, and renamed themselves "Used".They were eventually discovered by John Feldmann and signed to Reprise Records; they became "The Used" when it was discovered that a Boston band had already trademarked the name "Used".

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