Best iphone cam sex

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It’s also compatible with You Tube and Google Street View, with wifi connectivity.

Of course, as there is only one lens, you don’t have to worry about stitching.

With an updated oblong shape, it’s comfortable to hold and somewhat negates the need for a monopod.

It’s also got a huge capacity, with a micro SD slot allowing for up to 256GB, and battery life should last you for around two hours – so make sure you head out knowing what you want to shoot.

You can also control the camera through the Theta app, which is clearly and simply laid out, as well as available on both i OS and Android. This camera has dual lenses (but they only cover 200 degrees, so the stitching effect isn’t very noticeable), and the 13-megapixel camera gives sharp still images, and works well for the 2K, 30fps videos it shoots.

The handle design is easy to grip and the minimal buttons on the camera itself means the app is important to use – it runs smoothly and allows you to preview and review shots and videos.

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