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then we checked the reporting data for a Season 7 scenario and saw that participants had overwhelmingly chosen exactly that.

Thus began , a delightful and heavenly story that brought out the plane's potential in a compelling way with compelling characters. Just as some factions are struggling with leadership or learning to flex their muscles in new ways, others are tackling an internal threat that threatens to destroy the organization entirely.

tread new ground with Andrew Hoskins as the author, and we've already finished the next installment that's set to appear at conventions beginning in mid-January.

Speaking of multi-table interactive specials, no retrospective's complete without the Gen Con centerpiece.

I also worked up the monster creation rules, based on work I initially did for Pathfinder Unchained, during the Starfinder Core Rulebook creation process.

Heaven's a different story, as it's easy to think that no matter what happens there, a horde of archons is ready to jump on it.

For more than a year we'd been considering an adventure in Heaven an unattainable goal...

This year Absalom itself came under attack in by Mikko Kallio, and the Pathfinder Society's factions pooled their resources and expertise to help fight off the invasion. The Season of Factions' Favor kicked off with a trio of great scenarios, and one in particular really set the tone for Season 9.

by Alex Greenshields continues the ongoing saga of Major Colson Maldris, and the looks of disbelief I've seen on people's faces when they play this one... The Liberty's Edge struggle this scenario introduces also kicked off our Leaders in Liberty contest and voting.

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