Board member dating employee

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Consequently, Caris placed Phillips on a performance improvement plan (“PIP”) to remediate her drop in sales and failure to timely complete necessary administrative tasks. Accordingly, the Arbitrator addressed only whether the Agency had complied with the procedural requirements of the parties’ agreement and the instruction.Before the Arbitrator, the Union argued that the Agency violated Article 54 of the parties’ agreement (Article 54) and § of the instruction.

Second, the allegations in the complaint do not lend themselves to a reasonable inference that, in applying its grooming policy to dreadlocks, CMS discriminated against Ms. Meanwhile, Phillips’s sales productivity had begun to decline, and she consistently failed to complete required administrative tasks in a timely manner. The Arbitrator found that the Agency had sole discretion to place the grievant on the do-not-arm list and, therefore, that its decision to do so was not subject to review.The terminated technicians appealed this decision through the Guard’s internal administrative process, in which they were represented by their union, the Laborers’ International Union of North America, Local 2132, AFL-CIO (the “union”). He filed an IRA appeal alleging the Agency retaliated against him for protected whistleblowing activity. Lentz appeals the decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB or “Board”), holding that his resignation from federal employment was a voluntary act and not a constructive discharge. Lentz’s supervisor issued a letter proposing a fourteen-day suspension for various infractions, citing his management of interns, his behavior toward his supervisors, and his interaction with outside entities. During his employment with the fire department, Taylor repeatedly was accused of smelling of alcohol while on duty, though no one saw him drinking on the job.He alleged he made protected disclosures to his supervisors including that the Agency granted Dr. Greer is a former civilian employee of the Air Force (“the agency”) who worked as a Motor Vehicle Operator at Randolph Air Force Base. Greer for discourteous conduct and inappropriate comments. Greer and the agency en- tered into a last chance agreement, which provided that Mr. We vacate the Board’s decision, as based on incorrect evidentiary procedures including the inappropriate application of collateral estoppel. Lentz entered federal service in 2002, and at the times here relevant was employed as a botanist with the Bureau of Land Management of the Department of the Interior (the “Agency”) in California. Lentz had no disciplinary record until May 15, 2014, when his supervisor issued a letter of reprimand for “acting outside the scope of his authority” and “conduct unbecoming.” These charges were based on his authorization to permit goat grazing on certain public lands, without the prior approval of his supervisors. Du Vall and another lieutenant, Mike Moreno, were the first to report him.In February 2014, the Guard concluded an investigation into misconduct at its training base in Grayling, Michigan. David Leopold Lowenstein appeals the decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board (“Board”) denying him relief in his Individual Right of Action (“IRA”) appeal. Lowenstein worked as a chiropractor for the Department of Veterans Affairs (“Agency”) in the Iowa City VA Health Care System. His letter of resignation cites harassment and a hostile work environment that aggravated an illness and his veterans disability, and made his work circumstances intolerable. In addition, Taylor claims that on separate occasions the two lieutenants and Fire Chief Terrence Hughes said that black firefighters “don’t belong” in the fire station.Based on its findings, the Guard terminated two dual-status technicians. He was terminated from his job because he engaged in persistent unprofessional behavior. The proposed fourteen-day suspension was sustained on February 10, 2015, during his medical leave, to commence on February 15, 2015. The last racially offensive comment occurred in early 2012, but Taylor did not file an EEOC charge until February 2013.

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