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On a more micro level, Bughead fans will be disappointed that Archie and Veronica got yet another risqué scene when Betty and Jughead still haven't been able to finish what they started in the season one premiere, as they were interrupted by the Serpents coming to see their new "family" member Jughead, in the wake of his dad protecting the names of the people (possibly Serpents) who sold heroine for the now-deceased Clifford Blossom. Veronica suspects the same as she later corners her mother while Hermione is in a church, asking, "What are we praying for? ,” before delivering one of the best lines of the episode.“I don’t think you’re an innocent pawn, mom," she says. It’s like the Angel of Death has come to Riverdale.” Indeed, the Angel of Death takes yet another victim before the end of the episode, though in Greendale, the town on the other side of Sweetwater River: Ms.(A refresher: season one ended with Clifford hanging himself in the Thornhill barn as it became clear that he murdered his own son Jason, once Jason discovered the family business wasn't just bottling maple syrup.)Archie and Veronica's shower scene cuts to Betty telling Kevin Keller, the sheriff's son, that she and Jughead haven't yet had sex, though they did exchange "I Love Yous." (Betty also tells her mom something similar, which is a shift from the squeaky-clean Betty we met at the start of the first season.) Betty, who later shares a kiss with Jughead in the episode, though nothing more, is then interrupted by Cheryl Blossom, who emerges in the hospital alongside her full-cast-covered mother, who has been rescued from the "purifying" fire Cheryl started at Thornhill estate after discovering her father murdered Jason before killing himself. ,” Kevin asks Betty, wondering for all of the viewers. Betty's mom and the sheriff hint that a Serpent might be involved but Jughead, who is clearly the town's best detective—and most reliable narrator—has another theory. "I think you’re Daddy’s eyes and ears on the ground, calling the shots…. Grundy, the music teacher Archie had an affair with who apparently continued to prey upon underage men, as shortly before her murder she is seen kissing yet another one of her students.As Jughead said when Fred was shot, the last bit of innocence in Riverdale has died."When I was 11 years old, I received a gift of happiness from God. The Talmud says: You are standing on the 70th floor of the Empire State Building, gazing at the cityscape. " The 6-foot-5 figure perched by the window turns to you and menacingly says, "Try to stop me and I'll take you with me! But before we suffer, it's only fair that you also share with me five pleasures that you had today." "I had no pleasures." "Auntie, did you have coffee for breakfast? And to quantify how much each respective pleasure gives you. Your gratitude will continue to grow, building a solid foundation for a lifetime of happiness. Just as learning any new skill requires effort, you have to be willing to invest serious effort to achieve real happiness. Being happy is part of being considerate to people around us. " (She'll comply because she wants her turn to complain...) "Okay, it was sweet. Spend one hour writing down everything for which you are grateful. The power of this exercise is clear: You must be conscious of all your existing blessings, in order to appreciate a new blessing that comes your way.

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While Jughead tells Betty he's doing those things not to become a Serpent but rather to hang onto what little he has of his dad, he later becomes more involved with the gang as they perform a service upon his request. Or you can have relatively little and feel unbounded joy. For instance, the next time you visit your aunt (the one who loves to complain), tell her very respectfully: "Auntie, I came here to suffer with you today. Which is more valuable: Comparing each pleasure forces you to qualify the subtle aspects of each pleasure. You can have everything in the world and still be miserable. Misconception #2: "If I become content and satisfied with what I have, I'll lose my motivation to achieve more." Happiness doesn't drain your energy. The Daily Pleasure Count To begin appreciating life, pinpoint some things you are extremely grateful for and count them every morning for one month – e.g. Set a time each day to contemplate these pleasures. This exercise can change the mood of even the most miserable amongst us. Prioritize Your Blessings To really hone your skills and become an "appreciation expert," prioritize your list. "Sir, close your eyes for a minute and imagine that you're blind. Are you going to jump – or will you stick around for a week to enjoy the sights? It is possible to intellectually understand how to attain happiness, yet not put it into practice. Suddenly the air is pierced by one person complaining: "Who forgot the forks? I want to go home already." You have an obligation to be happy when your mood is negatively affecting others. We all try to put on a happy face when we're at a party. Or when we trudge into the office on Monday morning? Incorporate this into your family routine so your children also learn to appreciate their daily pleasures. 3 Misconceptions on the Road To Happiness Misconception #1: "Once I know the tools for being happy, then it will work like magic." Don't expect the results to come automatically. " Now ask someone who is depressed: "C'mon, let's go fishing! You're at the park having a picnic with your friends. At the very least, you'll have a happier spouse or roommate!

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