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Infrastructure-Info is a new PECG-sponsored website dedicated to providing the latest comprehensive information on infrastructure throughout California and the nation.Why do some projects get completed on time and under budget, while others go bankrupt and stick the taxpayer with the bill for an unfinished project?As those on the open list aren’t reachable as long as there are employees on the promotional list, and employees automatically drop off of the promotional list after one year, the result has been an inability of an increasing number of qualified applicants to be promoted.

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The arbitrator’s ruling may not come until after the first of the year, but that timing will not affect the financial reimbursement to PECG members if the ruling is favorable.This authorizes affected state employees to utilize up to five days of paid Administrative Time Off (ATO) if their place of business is closed, they can’t find reasonable commute routes, there is an immediate and grave peril to the employee, immediate family, or principal residence, or for a variety of related reasons.For more details on availability of Administrative Time Off during this emergency, click .PECG’s position has been that a Senior position should be filled through an in-house promotion, not an outside hire.PECG and Caltrans are working together to try to resolve the problem.

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