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And some of the more [long-form] stuff doesn’t turn me on as far as improv goes, so that’s why I think that the podcast is the most fulfilling, because it’s a combination of stand-up and improv.

Would you say improv comedy is reliant on a sort of muscle memory?

Well, I think that the improv gives you the confidence to lean back and know that it’s going to be okay when you’re doing stand-up.

Proops got his start as a class clown before venturing out in front of the microphone in San Francisco as a teenager.

I'm pretty sure ALL plugs received updates in the last year."Thanks for contacting the BMW Genius Team regarding BMW Online News.We are currently aware of an issue with the BMW Online News not showing the correct date.If you’re working with a new group of improvisational comedians, do you have to acclimate yourself to them beforehand?The thing is that there’s a familiarity with other people that you work with all of the time where, like I said, you just pick up right where you left off.

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