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When someone starts swearing or sex talking you have the option to report them. Day after day they are still there causing trouble but Candy Crush isn't doing anything to stop it. Hello Debbie, Just to let you know that this feature is part of Facebook and is not part of our game so we are unable to act on this matter.

I recommend that you contact Facebook directly via the drop down menu at the top of your Facebook home page.

Nearly all such cases turn out to be nothing: they’re pranks played by children on their parents, siblings, or friends; they’re false reports generated by attention-seeking children and adults; they involve material that accidentally, rather than deliberately, ends up in children’s goodie bags; or they’re examples of coincidence mistaken for causation (e.g., a person eats a piece of candy and shortly afterwards feels ill, then erroneously attributes the illness to tainted Halloween candy).

But often no follow-ups are done on such news stories after the initial, unconfirmed reports, leaving the public with the impression that all of them involved genuine cases of tainted candy being distributed to trick-or-treaters.

I am fascinated by naughty boys What I often dream about is playing chocolate. And I guess there are more to come, but depends on how open minded is your partner you're sharing all the stuff and crazy ideas. i would like to tell them to you:p I have my own techniques of satisfying a man!

I'm here for a really good time, whether it's just chatting it up, or spending some time together in private.

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I am everything you are looking for all rolled up into one hot sexy bitch that doesn’t know the word NO!!!

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