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Total emissions is calculated by adding all emissions in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) for a year.The Nature Conservancy has a ready carbon calculator powered by Cool Climate Network at the University of California at Berkeley where one can calculate and compare individual emissions. there is no central national Cap and Trade carbon pricing.They can also find ways to decrease electricity use and emissions. It is also a means whereby entities pay for the emissions they produce.These credits are bought from companies or even other countries in the carbon market, explains Investopedia.Carbon credits are a vital component of national and international emissions trading strategies to lessen carbon footprints and global warming.However, not everyone knows how to measure and price carbon credits, even those who are zealous about recycling and decreasing the amount of pollution that is emitted around the globe each day.Identify the activities that release GHGs instructs the DEFRA report (pg. There are three different ways of quantifying activities.

Electricity is measured in total kilowatt hours (k Wh).The polluting activties would fall under Scope 1 emissions due to electricity use are considered for the family in California.The average electricity use by a person in the US is 4517 k Wh per year (kilowatts per hour) according to Use the following formula as given in the DEFRA report (pg.18) to calculate emissions: EFs for coal, fossil fuels, biomass, natural gas, electricity, and petroleum products are provided by Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Greenhouse Emission Inventories published in 2015 (pg. This document also gives emissions from cars according to year of production and fuel, and for vehicles used in agriculture, construction, and aviation (pg. The AP-42 released and periodically updated by EPA also provides EFs for many industries.

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