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Do they really want to know your Facebook or Linked In profile address? Consider specifying a physical drop spot location (for receiving secret documents, weapons etc.) and a secure meeting point.Personal website: Only list a personal website if it enhances your intellectual or financial status.Past occupations: List all the things you have done in your lifetime for which you have been paid money (or, more correctly, “obtained” money).The Illuminati wants people with initiative, so don’t skip anything.Other contact information (alternate email, etc.): Is this a trick question?

Furthermore, remember there are infinite ways to answer the questions in the application.

If you are a CEO of a major company, however, you don’t have to add anything beyond your current position.

In the end, your attitude is more important than your occupation.

Maybe you like to watch the dregs of society in order to understand the rich patterns of human behavior?

Perhaps you are trying to keep a low profile, away from big business headhunters?

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