Chatbots for adults

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And is it worth it for your company to invest in software that uses bots to solve customer service issues? Our survey results show that the chatbot frenzy in the media might not be aligned with how your customers feel when using chatbots.

A bot — derived from robot — is any application that performs an automated task.

*Methodology: This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of Talkdesk from August 3-5, 2016 among 2,027 U.

“People prefer to use Messenger to interact with companies,” Facebook VP of messaging products David Marcus said during his keynote at this year’s F8 conference.

“Bots are clearly the next wave in customer focused innovation, taking over the mantle from mobile apps.

It’s exciting to see a new wave cresting, and helping companies maximize the opportunity,” said Mukherjee.

These new elements were designed specifically to scale up the business-and-bot side of its service.

From Forbes and The Economist to Time magazine — everyone is talking about the artificial intelligence (AI) online chat tools that use a combination of machine learning and language processing to predict with more than 90 percent accuracy what someone types and needs.

As more chatbot apps are being created and integrated with messaging apps and customer service, and as artificial intelligence technology continues to improve, we can only expect bots to become an increasing part of our lives.

Even if you’re not ready to use bots for your company’s customer service needs, it’s pretty fun to play around with some of them to automate tasks such as ordering flowers from 1-800-Flowers or an Uber to your restaurant using Facebook Messenger, or even ordering a Gordita Supreme for lunch from Taco Bell on Slack. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

Chatbots can also arm your customer service team with more information and make their job easier and quicker, therefore reducing call times and saving your company money.

The trick is not to lose that personal touch over the phone, however, since most customers still really need and want this service.

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