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A hard-to-find mass-market paperback which sold across the world from Alaska to China, The Mind's Secrets investigates the hidden powers of the mind, including the fabled Awakened State, Xenolalia, deadly hypnotism, astral travel, bodily elongation, spontaneous human combustion, accessing the Akashic Records, and reincarnation.

Elder Scrolls Online features special hidden Set crafting stations that experienced crafters can use to create special Weapons and Armor with Set Bonuses.

Romaine and the Shining Man, Screaming Ginny, Voices, Family of Werewolves, Boz, A Life That Could Have Been, Swan Song Syndrome, Face in the Flames, Higgledy, A Twisted Tail, The Angels of Mons, The Nun in the Wall, Night Visitors, Deadly Secret at the Stingo, The Pillbox Ghost, Arrows in the Snow, Coffee Table Coffin, Where A Thistle Grows, Meet Me At Capaldi's, Ghost at the Adelphi, The Halloween Visitant, Remember the Child, Watch the Bedbugs Don't Bite, The Wheel of Lyonesse, Fog, They Came to Say Goodbye, Miraculous Conceptions, The Circle of Life, The Vagrant and the Stars, and other sinister tales of the supernatural.

The Bermac Case, Haunted Office Block, The Mystery of Spring-Heeled Jack, The Headless Horseman of Bibby's Lane, Iggy, The Face Changer, The Green Ghost, The May Queen, The Grey Lady of Allerton Tower, The Pawnbroker's Moth, Strange Bedfellows, Stick Man, The Saddest Word in the World, Midnight Wish, Graveyard Ghosts, Two Maritime Ghosts, Ship in a Bottle, Echoes from the Past, The Eye, The Shared Dream, and more strange tales of the unknown.

In 2003 Tom Slemen hosted a ghost walk attended by over 500 people.

It broke the record for the most attended tour of Liverpool and was also the first public ghost tour of the city.

In the thirteenth volume of Haunted Liverpool Tom tells the beautiful old Liverpool tale of Sarah and the Wizard, and relates a chilling account of a woman who stabs a ghost in Halewood, as well as the gripping story of the Knowsley Demon, and many more tales featuring such frighteningly diverse characters as the Lily White Boys, a Toxteth zombie, an octopoid entity that enters our dimension through mirrors, the speaking cat of Speke, and a woman who sees the names of people who are about to die in a newspaper obituary column - plus many more spooky stories.

Ok, so it is not exactly a wheel, more like a grid. Below are Sherwin-Williams Colors that I have provided color schemes for. Hover over a color to see the color name or use CTRL F (Windows) or CMD F (MAC) to search for a color name in the pages list. The plan is to have all 1700 plus SW colors displayed.

The sets require that the crafter has a certain amount of Traits researched in the given item before he/she can make said item with that specific set bonus.

Below is the a list of these Set Bonuses, requirements and location of these stations.

This was Tom Slemen's first book on the supernatural side of Liverpool, and was originally turned down by a Wirral publisher who said it would never sell. Brunel's Jinxed Supership, Merseyside Time Slips, Angels, The Lodge Lane Vampire, Doppelgangers, Bloody Mary, Through A Glass Darkly, Hannah Brade the Mysterious Maid, The Ghost of Brougham Terrace, Who's In the Family Grave?

, Dead On Arrival, Night of the Rats, The Harlow Street Gypsy, The Bookies' Nightmare, The Black Vortex, and many, many more local tales of the supernatural.

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