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On the isolated shore of the Savage River, in the backcountry of interior Alaska, there’s a small memorial to a deceased woman named Claire Ackermann.A pile of rocks sits on a metal plaque with an inscription that reads, in part: “To stay put is to exist; to travel is to live.” Three years ago, Ackermann, 29, and her boyfriend, Etienne Gros, 27, tried to cross the Teklanika River, a couple of miles west from the Savage.They tied themselves to a rope that somebody had run from one bank to the other, to aid such attempts.

Then they watched as the other three slipped into the cold, gray water.

Johnson stayed in the water, which lingers at temperatures just above freezing, for 15 minutes.

Grigg was finally able to pull him out of the current just before he hit a stretch of Class V rapids.

I walked down the trail the next day, running into two bearded Texans who were heading back to the highway.

They told me that five people were stuck on the other side of the river and that they were on their way to notify troopers.

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