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After all, it was his expertise in theology that enabled Luther to take on the Catholic Church in 1517 and transform social and political thought at the threshold of the modern era.Luther's breakthrough as a songwriter Things soon got busy — and stressful for Luther.Music from a young age Dieter Falk, a successful musician and music producer, said, "In my view, Luther was the first pop musician of the church.And pop means nothing but popular." At the young age of 14, Luther was trained in music theory while attending the Latin school in Eisenach. Later on, he studied theology, music, voice and composition at the Erfurt University.The first collection of reformist songs was published in late 1523, namely the "Achtlieder Buch," a collection of eight songs of which four were composed by Luther.One year later, all 24 of his songs were published in a choir songbook for schools.The records he produced for Patricia Kaas, Pur, Roger Chapmann, Paul Young and Gildo Horn have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. "An earworm, a catchy tune, stays in our memory for a very long time.

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As Burkhard Weitz told DW, "He even thought about becoming a musician, but then opted for theology." The Luther effect: How Protestantism went global Had he decided differently, the course of history could have been changed.

Among them is one song that has encouraged many Christians over the past centuries.

"My favorite choral is 'Out of the depths I cry to Thee.' Here, Luther seems to be crying out from the depths of his soul, and these are the songs that give me goosebumps," musician Dieter Falk told DW.

In the following days, young people roam the town's streets belting out the song, recounts theologian and journalist Burkhard Weitz: "A short while later, the Reformation was introduced in Schweinfurth." For the past 500 years, Martin Luther (1483-1546) has been known as an eloquent author of theological writings.

But he is far less known as a songwriter and musician, although he not only played a key role as a reformer of the Christian faith, but also initiated a new chapter of spiritual music.

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