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This was KFRC trying to catch up on the game and be cool by promoting this event.

Taylor: You also had venues like the Fillmore and Avalon, which had three different bands every night, all with different styles.

Larry Taylor (Canned Heat): People would get together in a big park and listen to music and hang out. This felt like a continuation of the vibe and energy that was created with the Newport Folk Festival.

Mel was very practical and very creative and very well organized. [Laughs] And very creative in his approach to things.

The shows were getting more confrontational with the audience trying to leap onto the stage, which was the atmosphere when the Rolling Stones came to town.

I said to the KFRC music director, as we watched beefy security guys throw teenyboppers over the barricades, "We really need to stop doing this and go outside because it won't be a confrontation or armed warfare.

The Marin County board of supervisors was aghast at the idea of hippies storming across the Golden Gate Bridge to lay waste to their wonderful lifestyle in Marin.

They put so much pressure on the state that they revoked the license once, but the major California politicians that held sway over this local community reasoned with them and said, "Hey, come on guys.

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