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It’s also worth remembering that Williams has addressed his privilege as a biracial man in America before.Speaking to , he shouted-out “the incredible women running [Black Lives Matter]” and opened up about being biracial: “I have access to rooms and information. To some people I might be a celebrity because I’m physically attractive.

The personal reasons for the collapse of a relationship are just that: personal.As if a relationship with another human being Williams’ relationship with Kelly shouldn’t be used as a “gotcha” in online debates — and neither should Serena’s.Just as Serena’s relationship does not diminish her work uplifting black women as the greatest athlete in the world, Williams’ relationship doesn’t diminish his political activism.Conversely, it does no good to equate Williams’ relationship with Kelly to other high-profile interracial relationships — like Serena Williams and her fiancé Alexis Ohanian.Black women in America are disproportionately judged for interracial relationships, and here we are, faced with hordes of men attempting to “justify” Serena’s relationship while conveniently overlooking the long history of disrespect toward black women in America.

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