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A resident making ,000 a year would have a discretionary income of ,325. An attending making 0K a year would have a discretionary income of 5,425 and would owe up to 68 a month.Notice how these figures have nothing to do with the amount owed.2) He might not be able to, or might not want a job at a 501c.Every specialty and area of the country is different with regards to the possibility of securing 501c employment.

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Doing so might allow you to further limit your income (keeping it within the corporation) and further reducing your debt payments, then paying it out to yourself as a big bonus after debts are forgiven.

Once employers understand the PSLF program, they’re likely to offer you a lower salary, negating some or all of the forgiveness you might get.

3) Congress might make it so residency and fellowship years don’t count toward the PSLF years.

In fact, if one calculates the forgiveness as the difference between 0K and the ,444 he actually paid, he’s getting 6K in loan forgiveness each year, nearly doubling his salary. ” Obviously most doctors will have far less than 0K forgiven, but there’s a serious moral hazard at play.

Since the amount you pay back is primarily determined by your salary and not the amount of loans you take out, there’s no disincentive to borrowing as much as you possibly can.

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