Craig owens and ashlee simpson dating

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Is Ashlee Simpson moving on just a month after filing for divorce from rocker Pete Wentz? They're friends." Recent reports that Simpson and Wentz are gearing up for a custody battle are also untrue, according to the source, insisting the "split is amicable." "Right now her attention is on Bronx and some new work projects she has coming up. She was seen with singer Craig Owens of the band D. That's it." For Wentz, sources say it's the same priority: Bronx. The schedule is to be followed three times in a week for three months.Ashlee is a foodie and so it was really tough to manage her eating habits.She also took the help of trainer Mike Alexander, who managed her schedule and motivated her while exercising in the gym.She did circuit training to keep her heart pump at a high rate.It was this sort of writing — passionate discussion of things individual writers cared deeply about — that marked the best of Pop Watch for me in 2007.Whether or not you shared Michael Slezak’s enthusiasm for Fergie, or his appalled feelings over toys, or Simon Vozick-Levinson on hip-hop, or Chris Willman on country music and Bruce Springsteen, or Marc Bernardin on sci-fi, or Whitney Pastorek on music festivals and indie film, or Ken Tucker on , and too many others to name.

SIDE NOTE: Charlie Sheen is totally buying all their albums right now. Or, as a source close to the singer/actress says, just a friend reaching out to a friend in a difficult time? "Craig Owens is a longtime friend and was comforting Ashlee during this difficult time," a Simpson source says.In 2001, Ashlee guest starred in the American television sitcom Malcolm in the Middle as a high school girl in episode #18 of the season titled “Reese Cooks”.After giving birth to her son in November 2008, Ashlee lost around 50 pounds of baby weight.It charted at #1 in Billboard 200 and was certified as 3× Platinum in USA, 2× Platinum in Canada and Gold in Britain.She had a cameo role in the 2002 American comedy film The Hot Chick for her role as Monique.

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