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Then, Dana gets wet over murder, ghosts, and blood while Annabelle has a bunch of ...…In the premier episode host Dana Moon shares TMI with Meagan Grainger of the Adderal & Compliments podcast. Why eating healthy forces you to deal with your personal issues.

Dana's mom making an appearance in her sex dream.

Dana talks titties with Crystal Marie Denha of HBO Boxing, Extra, Hollyscoop, and more. Who looked at their own sister in the shower to admire her boobs! The girls discuss how their nickname for each other “Kitty” has gone TOO far, their sugar addiction from Thanksgiving and over eating.

Being broke in Los Angeles, how men feel that they can say inappropriate things to f ...…Dana and her literbox mate hilarious comedian Kitty Blanchette aka Megan go from silly to super vulnerable real quick.

Megan opens up about how she started going to sex and love addiction meetings, Therapy, co-d ...…Dana and good friend Kate Quigley sit down and discuss Kate's recent trip to Vegas where she performed for millionaires, cocaine drug parties, the swinger party Kate went to with billionaires, being emotionally unavailable, Kate's audition for Playboy TV and how she did naked stand up, ...…Dana sits down with good friend John Mckay from Funny or Die and hilarious stand up they discuss how they had an Instagram friendship falling out, stand up comedy, anti depressants Wellbutrin! John being a fat kid, emotional eating, addictions and how everyone is a love addict.

Please subscribe to Moon Me on Apple podcasts or whatever app you use to listen to podcasts! In this VERY special Christmas episode Dana is joined with her BFF and podcast mogul, Meagan Grainger, from Superficial Magic and Adderrall and Compliments.Can't wait for my first @icehousecomedy show of the year with @nickcomic,@leoflowers4Real, @iamjimmyshin & @Iam Crystal Marie at 8 pm on January 6th! Tickets at: DR We as women CANNOT allow women to take the blame for the misdeeds of these repugnant men.There were whole systems in place to keep Meryl and others from ever knowing about HW. To claim otherwise is ignorant and counter productive. The internet has been an instrumental tool for marginalized groups to organize.Crystal Marie Denha an Assyrian-American multi-talented entertainer.She is a television host, stand up comedian, producer and actress.

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