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"Hey Daddy -- I'm gonna just go up and fuck on the computer for a while, okay?" My father, whom I still call "Daddy" but whom everyone else calls Robert, looked embroiled in a pile of spreadsheets and thick contract papers on the kitchen table."Lacey, I'd offer to take care of your needs," he muttered in a low, anguished tone, "but I promised the client I'd call him with the answer to a question, and I haven't figured it out yet." Never changing, as he spoke he didn't look in my face but instead was staring straight at the curves of my perky B-cup titties in my tight short sweater.You'd think that a man that gets to fuck me nearly every night of the week would grow tired of staring at my tits."I kind of promised this guy I met online last night that he could have phone sex with me this afternoon, but I don't know if he'll still be there or not." Daddy hardly blinked at my explanation; he was used to things like that about me.I mean, he's eaten other guys' cum out of my cunt when I've gotten home from dates, and he's watched home-made DVDs I had other guys make of me fucking them.Already tingling from thinking about playing with men online, my pussy started to really ache with Daddy's hand on my ass.

"Don't go to the trouble, I'm fine myself -- and I guess you're probably horny and would rather go upstairs to get off?

As I shrieked with a laugh and turned to him, he gave me a big fake pout.

"Well I might be busy with work right now," he frowned, trying to look deprived of joy, "but give me something to look forward to -- I mean, if you're going to fuck online or on the phone, you do have to be naked, don't you?

"I promise that, if you do your work good, Daddy, your baby will give you the biggest cocksucking of your life tonight, including some tongue up your hairy ass, how's that for incentive? "Well, alright," came his delayed, slow response, "but still, the least you could do for your old man is let me strip you before you go upstairs." "Geesh, really now." Actually, I was thinking myself of letting him get my festivities started, but I didn't want to do something that would lead to something else, and something else, and so on. Daddy smiled warmly, looking down my thin skinny legs at my light-brown suade boot going halfway up my calf.

He put one hand on the back of the boot and used his other hand to unzip the boot's zipper, then he held the heel in both hands so I could pull my foot out of it.

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