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It was nice because the few times I have come back, she’s been there and I’m like, “Oh, my God, flatmate, it’s awesome.” What was it like to work with a “Star Wars” legend like Mark Hamill? Advice was never given without asking, if you know what I mean. I remember at one point, I went over to Rian (Johnson, director) and I was like, “Oh my God, that was moving.” I felt really lucky that I was able to have that with him.

What was amazing was the first time, because I was working more with Harrison (Ford). How much do you enjoy dressing up for the red carpet? But I find the process of being photographed scary.

Dead-heading ensures a longer display - and if some of the flowers have already set seed, then of course you can chop the seed-heads off and give them to someone who has been admiring your daisy wall.

LOS ANGELES—Daisy Ridley, film’s woman du jour, walked into a meeting room at Claridge’s Hotel London in a white Self-Portrait dress and Louboutins.

But I no longer pull out a root and pot it up, because I know that earlier attempts to propagate it this way have failed miserably.

Instead, I hand over a few fluffy seed-heads, wrapped in a tissue or hidden in a matchbox.

Redundant parsley pots or strawberry pots are ideal places in which the erigeron can do its perpendicular thing.A single plant, once established, will form the capital of a huge empire, spreading itself to any nook or cranny where its preference for sun and good drainage can be satisfied. I searched for it for years before finally acquiring a plant that had seeded itself into an empty pot at a tree nursery I was visiting.Finally I installed the plant in the middle of the south-facing end of a raised bed.In common with many rock-dwellers, Erigeron karvinskianus makes strong, wiry tap roots that drill into the spaces between rocks, ensuring that the plant is firmly fixed and drawing on water and nutrients to help it grow.Such roots mould themselves to the rock and so are unlikely to re-establish when rudely pulled out and re-planted.

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