Dangers of dating a lebanese guy

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Feeling the blood rush to her cheeks, the young girl withdrew her hand quickly glancing around to see if anyone had noticed.Fortunately for her, she was alone in the office with Sam who may or may not have been simply burying his head in work at his desk.She glanced over at Eric who was oblivious to what was going on, engrossed in the proceedings on screen.

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Her head was always in the clouds it seemed and she couldnt seem to get anything done as of late.Rushing her for unrealistic deadlines, constantly gazing over her shoulder, he was the bane of her existence.Married but unhappily it seemed as he was always in the office, scrutinizing her work.Why wont ask him or else he would know she had not been paying attention for what would have been the last of many occasions where she just could not pay attention to anything except what was going on in her head.Her subconscious drifting once more, she rubbed her stiff arms leading up to her shoulders attempting to get her blood flow running after so many hours sitting at her desk. She thought about her date tonight with Eric, and wondered if it would finally be the night that he made a move on her.

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