Dating a divorcee with children

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There appear to be three key stages in the life of a relationship when it is most prone to breakdown - at the very beginning, then when children are young, and finally in midlife. Many of these failed relationships will have gone wrong the moment the romance died and insurmountable differences were uncovered, but couples can still take years to get to the point of separation.

'We often see people for just one visit,' says divorce lawyer Kim Beatson.

But then I thought, I have made my bed, I had better lie in it.

'I always felt that marriage was for life, so I was determined to make it work.' Within months, however, the couple were barely talking to each other.

'I woke up the day after we got married and it was as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water on my head. 'My gut feeling was that I had rushed into something and made a terrible mistake.Would you like to build on a strong clean foundation as friends first and see where it leads?Meet guys that are seeking the benefit of a doubt from a lady.'It's horrible living with someone when you are trying to leave.It was one of the most painful times of my life because I just wanted him to go, but he spent months sleeping on the living-room floor.' Parenthood seems to provoke the second spike in divorce and separation statistics, with roughly a fifth of all marriages ending within five years after the birth of the first child.

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